Shanaaz Majiet is an Internationally Accredited Master Coach (ABCCCP # SM-MC00022) and a member of the Africa Board for Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology (ABCCCP), International Coach Federation: ICF and Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA), she has worked as an organisational consultant for nearly 20 years in the South and Southern Africa. She works across sectors but has particular experience in the public sector.

Shanaaz has a particular passionate in the intersection of culture, leadership and learning; what that means for individual leaders and how these impact the performance of their organisation. She works extensively as an executive coach with individuals who want to develop themselves as people and leaders.

In addition to having held roles as a most senior government bureaucrat and senior executive manager at all levels of government in South Africa, Shanaaz is also graduate from the Gestalt ISC and holds an Advanced Organisational Development qualification and other extensive training form GISC. She now aims to combine the two worlds, using the insights about how human beings function best to add to her effective leadership and management experience.